Hot Wax Play

Candles are sexy. Not only does lighting a few around a space help to set the mood for erotic exploration, but it delights our senses. The flickering light is flattering. The scent slowly fills the room. And for the vanilla folks out there, they overlook one more sense a candle can stimulate. Oh yes, that of touch. Well, to be more specific, the overwhelming of the flesh with delicious spikes of pain.

See, one of my all time favorite activities to play with in the dungeon is dripping hot wax over the naked body of a submissive. BDSM is art. And in this sport, creativity and methodology are rewarded with sharp gasps, whimpers and sighs. The sounds that the subject makes are music to my ears.

I take my time to let the drops fall where I want them to inflict their magic. Hot little splatters that dissipate quickly. Leaving a warm oily trail that soothes as it sparks the flame within.

Hot wax play can be an element of a session or an elaborate ritual. Are you interested in dabbling or diving in deep? Contact me and schedule a session to play soon. ;D

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