My session with Domme Adena was remarkable. I was intrigued by the fact that she was a sub before her domme side blossomed.

She didn’t look intimidating at our pre-meet. Once in the dungeon, however, she took control easily and completely. Her love for her craft is quickly apparent. Her enjoyment of the session was obvious from her laughs as she asked me “did that hurt?”.

I gave myself over, letting her set the pace. She took me through levels of intensity, reaching thresholds I thought were limits and steering me through them. She delighted in trying various implements to amuse herself and reduce me to my most basic self, to that one point of focus where everything else has disappeared.

Without really noticing the process but simply experiencing it, I ended up completely spent. I was physically drained and emotionally floating deep in that special bliss. I was at peace, grateful, tired and satisfied. If you already know that feeling I think you’ll end up there. If you don’t know that feeling, I think Domme Adena could take you there. I thought I knew the feeling, but this was even better than that. I’m already planning for the next time.

b (May 2019)

I want to start by saying thank you! We want to tell you how amazing you were! Our first meeting with you was very comfortable you made us feel very at ease. We asked for something you never did before (tickling) and you researched it and it was awesome!! Was so good we plan on booking more sessions!

C&J (June 2019)